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Action Zone Membership, Offline and Online Community Rules

Action Zone is a community of members who come together to share ideas and help each other succeed.

The rules and values below exist to help you understand what it means to be a member of the community and cover all aspects of community interaction on Action Zone forums, blogs, contests and events. We’re committed to upholding them, and we hope you will be too.


We believe when the community succeeds, we succeed.

We love healthy competition, but feel we’re all better off when we’re sharing ideas, knowledge and skills and helping one another. We come to give back, not shamelessly self-promote. Action Zone provides specific avenues for self-promotion through events and social media prompts.

We’re a global community of many types of people.

We are from all corners of the earth and a glorious melting pot of creative fields, skill levels, cultures, religions and more. We think the opportunity for anyone to achieve success no matter where they come from leads to a more meritocratic and equal world.

We celebrate individuality and embrace diversity.

We encourage different viewpoints as long as they’re presented in a way that’s constructive and respectful. Personal attacks as well as any behavior that is hateful or offensive based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

We’re excited about and inspired by collaboration.

By collaborating with people from different backgrounds, we are exposed to new ideas and perspectives that fuel the creative process and innovation.

We believe all ideas can (and should) be scrutinized, constructively.

We value and preserve the right to be critical on our forums, but that criticism must be directed at ideas (never people or groups), and be delivered in a way that endeavors to be respectful and constructive.


Indisputable Rules

We are a community of business professionals and, as such, will participate in a professional manner. Any of these infractions will result in immediate and permanent removal from Action Zone membership and associated sites.

  • Participate in or encourage personal attacks, call out other community members, or sabotage another user’s item. This includes purposely disrupting the conversation, and being aggressively critical without making any constructive contribution.

  • Discuss politics, pornography, religion or competitive marketplaces.

  • Spam, blatantly self-promote or solicit for any kind of material support, donations or aid. Note that two specific exemptions to this rule exist: for details, see A Note on Self-promotion and Fundraising for Natural Disaster Relief below.

  • Talk about or link to piracy, warez, illegal activity of any kind, or competitor sites or items.

  • Request or post personal (or identifying) information about any user or any other person.

  • Post anything that would infringe on another person’s intellectual property rights.

Also, everything on these forums should be considered PG rated or below. Please keep avatars, profile header images, forum images and videos clean.

A Note on Self-Promotion

We want our members to succeed in their business, and we see the forums as being a key tool in helping them to do just that. To that end, we permit self promotion of your business in the context where it is clearly providing value to both of these groups. Such contexts might include:

  • Topics in which Action Zone is asking items to be nominated.

  • Topics in which forum members have expressed a desire for item recommendations or services.

  • Note that these forums are not a job board, however, starting a business doesn’t always mean one doesn’t have to work a j-o-b while getting their business off the ground.  You are welcome to post links to opportunities you think are valuable to the community. Action Zone reserves the right to remove those opportunities if, in Action Zone’s sold discretion, the opportunity may not be appropriate, legitimate, or beneficial on the site(s).

Please note that the decision as to whether or not your self-promotion is providing value and context appropriate is ultimately at the discretion of Action Zone. If Action Zone feels your post or topic violates these guidelines, they reserve the right to remove it.



We all have causes we care about, and may share many among Action Zone members. However, the site would become inundated with solicitations if we did not protect against that eventuality. Therefore, members may not post fundraising solicitations of any kind. Action Zone reserves the right to lift this prohibition as and when it sees fit, at its sole discretion.

Community moderation by the community

The community at large plays a significant role in the moderation of the site(s). If a community member views violations or potential violations to any Action Zone policies, that member should send an email to Action Zone will respond as necessary.


Our moderation approach

We can’t, and don’t, review all posts on the forum. We don’t authorize any posts and we aren’t responsible for their content (including text, images, and any external links). Every community member is responsible for their own posts - please be mindful of your words and please think carefully about what you post.

Actions against our community rules may lead to deletion of your posts, comments, contest submissions or account with or without warning. We won’t edit posts or comments; even if only part is a problem. All actions and decisions taken by our moderators are final.

We reserve the right to remove, ban, suspend or block an account as we see fit. Action zone may terminate your access to the site at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately.


To post on the Action Zone site(s), you have to be an Action Zone member, and 16 years or older. We don’t knowingly collect any information from anyone aged 16 or under. If you don’t agree with these guidelines and the terms of our Privacy Policy, please do not use, visit, link to or reference our site(s).

You represent and warrant that:


  • your use of the forums will follow these guidelines and our Privacy Policy and comply with all applicable laws and regulations (including without limitation any local laws or regulations that apply to you) and

  • your use of the forums will not infringe or misappropriate the intellectual property rights of any third party.

Version 1.1 Effective January 1, 2020

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