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Action Zone delivers innovative programs

Veterans need to succeed in business

The resources you need when you need them


Action Zone Activate

Get moving in the right direction, whether your business is in pre-launch, pivot or no/slow-growth stage. We provide the tools and resources you need to build it well.

Starting with the development or refinement of your business model and graduating through strategic performance goals, Activate helps you build a solid foundation for a sustainable, thriving business.

Action Zone was incredibly helpful supporting and walking me through the framework of starting a business.  They were always available to answer questions and offer helpful resources.

Donna Angelou, Angelou Consulting Cohort #5 2020


Action Zone Incubate

Nurture your business with subject matter experts and peer-to-peer support as your business operates post-launch as an early stage startup. There is strength in numbers.

Incubate addresses the operational challenges your business faces, offers practical, actionable steps to break through those challenges, and offers a peer-to-peer network for ongoing support and growth.

VFEP and Action Zone have been vital to my entrepreneurial survival, growth and development. It has absolutely been empowering and extremely helpful.

Lex R. Brown, FortiPhi, LLC Cohort #6 2021


Action Zone Accelerate

A board of advisors works with you to develop strategic plans for growth and longevity, and to facilitate connections you need to grow strong.

Accelerate provides a personal provisional board of directors guiding you with strategic advice and critical industry connections to build a stable foundation for your business to grow. With this guidance and support you are prepared for business sustainability and growth, as well as building your professional network for success.

Very valuable. Has helped me move much closer to long term sustainable profit and increasing staffing. I consider this a very valuable resource!

Stephen Wheeler, Wheeler Techonolgies, Inc.. Cohort # 7 2021


Facilitators and Subject Matter Experts to guide you

Our facilitators and subject matter experts are experienced entrepreneurs with first-hand knowledge of the challenges you face in your new business. They share best practices, make recommendations, and connect you to other experts you may need.

The staff and volunteers who were involved in the different Action Zone training modules as well as the incubator were simply outstanding. They offered real-life examples of highly successful business operators to model our businesses after, not to mention simply using as a resource for questions, challenges, new ways to approach the variety of problems all entrepreneurs face in business.

Dr. Ted Grellner, Theodore J. Grellner DDS, PA, Cohort 2 2019

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Proud network partner delivering our programs and services sponsored by Veterans Florida

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Programs in West Kendall and South Florida sponsored by Healthy West Kendall powered by West Kendall Baptist Hospital.

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