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Business Startup Program Open Registration

Action Zone, the exclusive military community entrepreneur support organization in Tampa, has opened registration for the next business startup program to begin March 27, 2021.

"We are happy to announce that Veterans Florida has sponsored an additional cohort for 2021," says Rosie Lee, co-founder and executive director of Action one. "We have been a network partner with Veterans Florida for three years, and we couldn't be more thrilled to host another class of Veterans seeking to start or grow their business."

The Action Zone business startup program is a 12-week program that guides participants as they develop or grow their business. The program gives new entrepreneurs the foundational knowledge they need to develop a concept into a viable, sustainable business. Existing business owners gain insights into their business to grow a more profitable business.

:Since March 2020, we've seen a large number of businesses collapse under the weight of all the changes the pandemic brought. In spite of that, now is the best time to act on those business ideas entrepreneurs have been thinking of but not worked toward creating."

Sponsored by Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program, ActionZone provides the curriculum, materials and resources to approximately 20 new Veteran entrepreneurs in the program that has been going strong since 2018. Registration is open and can be completed online .

Contact Rosie Lee at for more information.


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