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Have you ever met a Rummelier?

Come out and hear the success story of Isabella Honrado - Rosal CEO & Founder, Master Rummelier®, and Navy military spouse,

and join Action Zone Tampa for a networking opportunity for participants in the current and previous Action Zone programs, as well as any service member thinking of starting a business. The event is open to all participants in Action Zone cohorts to share in the success of our Spotlighted Alumni and network with everyone who works in support of the Action Zone community.

We look forward to seeing you in-person soon.

*During the COVID-19 pandemic, always defer to local CDC regulations for in-person gathering regulations and attend in-person events at your own discretion.*

Registration on Eventbrite is required.

About Isabella Rosal

Born and raised at a rum estate and sugarcane farm in Northern Luzon in the Philippines, Isabella was surrounded by all things rum from an early age. Upon moving to the United States, she became the first and the youngest female to earn Master Rummelier® status, the top professional designation in the rum industry. As one of only eight Instructors qualified to administer Rummelier® certifications, Isabella's mission is to advance the knowledge of rum among industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. Having tasted over 200 rum varieties in her lifetime, Isabella prefers her drinks neat, allowing flavors to unfold naturally.


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