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Introducing the Action Zone Team

Do you know the Action Zone team? The volunteers - some who guide the organization and some who handle the day-to-day operations - are the reason Action Zone exists at all. You can meet them at 9:00 am on Monday, November 2, 2020, on Cup of Joe, our weekly Facebook Live event.

Early in 2018, a handful of entrepreneurs envisioned a place where our military community members could learn to start a business. A familiar place, at least in the sense that everyone shared a common experience having served in the US military. They wanted to include active-duty personnel, retiree

s, and veterans of every branch as well as military spouses and dependents of any age. If you were connected to the military community, they wanted to create a way to help you launch or grow a viable and sustainable business. Armed with little more than an unbridled passion and decades of entrepreneurial experience launching, growing, selling and closing their own businesses, they launched Action Zone, the only military-exclusive entrepreneur support organization in the Tampa Bay region.

The community responded in ways they hoped for, but never fully expected as quickly as it did. Veterans came out in droves, desperately seeking direction to start a business they had on their minds for years but with little idea how or where to start. Active-duty personnel, who had been nurturing a business concept while preparing to transition out of service, sought industry connections and subject matter experts to position their budding business for growth post-service. Veteran business owners reached out to provide support for their military community entrepreneurs in whatever way they could.

We are grateful for the community connections that reached out to Action Zone and that has allowed us to support those who have participated in our programs, attended our events, sought industry connections and, perhaps most importantly, helped bring the business community of military entrepreneurs together. Our collective experience enables us to provide:

· A structured curriculum to help the early-stage entrepreneur identify and initiate a business.

· Innovative programs that build business proficiencies and steer the entrepreneurs’ path to triumph.

· A unique incubator experience, Action in Motion, to manage the daily operational demands of a growing business and the strategic guidance needed to ensure successful growth.

· Local, regional and national program affiliations to provide the broadest support for growing Veteran-owned businesses.

There is so much more on the horizon: virtual classes, mastermind groups, military spouse courses, and a national accreditation program, to name a few. Connect with us on our website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You'll be among the first to hear important news and updates. And, don't forget to meet the team on Monday, November 2 at 9:00 am on our Facebook page live Cup of Joe. We'll see you there!


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