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Learn how to purposefully earn business with government contracts

Take the mystery out of selling to the federal government! Learn about registration, locating federal opportunities, and much more.

The federal government buys EVERYTHING, but it’s a challenge to win a contract. There is a process that can improve your chances. This workshop aims to help you understand that process.

The government pays for solutions to problems, so before you can do business with the government, you must be able to do business.

What does that mean? Sign up for this workshop where we will show you how to position yourself to win federal contracts.

About the Facilitator: Dr. Russ Barnes, PhD USAF Col (ret)

Dr. Russ Barnes is the CEO and Senior Business Advisor to Entrepreneurs and Executives at Systro, an organization design firm specializing in small business profitability. His 30+ years of experience in organization development is drawn from military service, franchise ownership, academic programs, and strategy consulting, specifically with small businesses.

Systro Solutions was founded to help micro business owners in the pre-profitability stage achieve entrepreneurial prosperity with intention. Russ was fed up with building businesses through trial and error or spending thousands of dollars, which he didn't have, to make slow, painful progress. There had to be a better way, so he created the Purposefully Profitable™ program to reduce trial-and-error and activate cause-and-effect.


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