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Let's Help Tampa's Veteran-owned Immertec be #1 on Product Hunt September 1st!

Immertec's Medoptic App is officially launching next week on Tuesday, September 1, with the help of Product Hunt, and their goal is to be the #1 upvoted product of the day.

How can you help? #makeittampabay

Register for a Product Hunt account, which you must do at least 24 hours before launch day for your votes to count. After registration and before September 1, vote for a few Product Hunt listings to keep your account active. Then, on September 1, sign in to your Product Hunt account and search "Medoptic from Immertec" to upvote their Product Hunt page.

Finally, share with your network and relish in the glory of contributing to Immertec's world domination.

To help you get started, you are welcome to copy and paste this social media template approved by Immertec:

Let's help Tampa's @Immertec be #1 on Product Hunt September 1!

  • Create a @ProductHunt account

  • Upvote a view products to stay active

  • Log on Sept 1 to vote for "Medoptic from Immertec"

Erik Maltais, a US Marines Veteran, says, "Since I can remember, I was guided by two things; to make an impact in the world as an entrepreneur, & to serve others." He founded Immertec with co-founder Jon Clagg in 2017 and grew to three employees in 2018. Today the company has more than twenty employees and a host of awards for the innovative startup. He is prominent in the Veteran business community as a close collaborator and supporter of Action Zone and a Bunker Labs Tampa City Leader. He is generous with his time and experience helping other Veteran entrepreneurs achieve their goals of business ownership and growth. Let's support Erik's vision to be #1 on Product Hunt on September 1.


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