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Synapse Summit February 17, 2022

Grab your free ticket sponsored for Action Zone members!

If you haven't been to a Synapse Summit, you do not know what you are missing! The connections to community businesses, professionals, and community resources convene in Tampa annually (or virtually) to share the impact innovators are making around the state and around the country.

Don't let the term "innovators" scare you off; Synapse Summit is for everyone. While not every business is a tech business, every business needs tech in their business, and Synapse Summit is the place to find what you need and who provides it. Moreover, not all exhibitors are in the tech space. Quality of life businesses - you know, the businesses that support the needs and wants of all society - showcase their wares and services alongside new tech, old tech, and oh-my-gosh-what-is-that tech. This is an incredible opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs from around the country, participate in some great workshops, and hear from incredible speakers.

Synapse sponsors generously donated an allotment of tickets for our Action Zone family. Get them while they last (but if you get there too late, email and we'll find you a ticket!). General admission tickets are normally $149, but you can attend as our guest thanks to the Synapse sponsor. Be sure to select GENERAL ADMISSION tickets and use ACTIONGA in the coupon/promo code to activate the 100% discount.

See you at Synapse Summit!


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