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Take Action: Mastering the sales process

Sales is often the most challenging aspect of running any business. This workshop will transform your fear of sales into mastery of sales.


The path to grow from fear of sales to the mastery of the process to success in generating revenue starts with this comprehensive, hands-on workshop. You will learn sales skills with practical, tactical application methods that will begin selling your products or services more quickly and more efficiently.

Understanding the sales cycle and where to find leads is just the first step. Discovering your best proposal presentations and how to overcome objections to close the deal is the meat of the workshop. Follow that with establishing your sales skill sets and working with social media and call models and you will be on your way to consistent sales in your business.

Presented by Connective Human founder Beau Blouin, Brilliance in the Basics is designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to implement in and impact your business immediately.Beau is a USMC veteran with combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is the co-founder of Connective Human and a small business owner.

This Take Action workshop is sponsored by Veterans Florida. Veterans Florida is a non-profit created by the State of Florida to help military veterans transition to civilian life and to promote Florida’s status as the nation’s most veteran-friendly state. Veterans Florida provides powerful tools for veterans to take advantage of the benefits of living and working in the Sunshine State. The Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program provides all the knowledge needed to successfully launch and operate a business. As soon as their business is up and running we keep them connected with mentors and resources.


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