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Why Action Zone?

What is Action Zone?

When someone aspires to create their own business one of the first questions to answer is, “How is this business different from others that already exist?” This is the critical first step to hone an idea into a viable sustainable business. Consumers demand choice in the marketplace. If your business idea does not differentiate from the services and products already in the market, your business will fail. We spend a great deal of time counseling aspiring business owners to define what makes their enterprise different.

Action Zone is different from the other entrepreneur support organizations in the community because

  • We serve a particular demographic exclusively: Veterans, their spouses and their dependents. This exclusivity does not currently exist in the market.

  • We are independent of any government or public institution. This independence allows us greater flexibility in the services we can offer, the sponsors who wish to support us, and the manner in which we allocate our resources.

  • We are not an incubator or accelerator. The education and training provided at Action Zone prepares individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to create a viable sustainable business, helps them bring that business to launch and supports their early growth preparing them to seek, if they so desire, the services of an incubator or accelerator to further their enterprise.

John Hall, a contributor to Forbes Magazine, recently wrote regarding entrepreneur support organizations, “Knowing that you aren’t alone is a comforting feeling, but also surrounding yourself with like-minded smart people can be a differentiating factor.”

This is what sets Action Zone apart.

We are an organization of like-minded Veterans, military spouses and dependents working together to build Veteran-owned businesses in the Tampa Bay and surrounding communities. To that end, we align our resources to support the Veteran community employing innovative educational methods and connecting you to other entrepreneurial support resources widely available. We have created a Veteran-centric hub for you to support your endeavors.

What’s in it for you?

If you desire to build a business and you are a Veteran, a military spouse or a dependent, or on active duty planning your future when you transition from service, we can help you define your business idea, refine your business model, and launch your business. You can work among other Veterans, military spouses and dependents to gain the knowledge you need, develop the skills important to maintaining and growing a business, and enjoy support from other Veterans keenly interested in your success.

As a network partner for Veterans Florida, a non-profit corporation created by the State of Florida to help veterans fully transition to civilian life in the Sunshine State, we also offer the Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program (VFEP). This grant-funded entrepreneurship education program offers a robust and challenging curriculum to help Veterans develop their business idea, create a viable business model, and launch a sustainable business. Eligibility for the VFEP is restricted to honorably discharged Veterans, active duty US Armed Forces personnel discharging within one year, and current or former members of the National Guard or Reserves. Spouses and civilian business partners are welcome to participate in support of developing the business but are not participants in the VFEP. Additionally, you must reside in Florida and demonstrate a strong interest in entrepreneurship. This is a competitive entry program with two scheduled starts, one in August 2018 and the next in January 2019.

What’s next?

If you have a desire to start a business and you are a Veteran, a military spouse or a military dependent, inquire about the services Action Zone can provide to support your efforts.

If you are a Veteran interested in the Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program, begin by connecting with Veterans Florida to enroll in the program.

If you do not know where to turn for the information you seek, contact us and we will do our best to find you the resources you need.

Why Action Zone?

Action Zone was created by the Veteran community for the Veteran community. Our services are designed to help Veterans build businesses, but we do not seek to duplicate resources already available in the community. We provide education and advocacy for Veterans seeking an alternative to traditional employment. We support military spouses and dependents who create businesses that are impervious to the nomadic nature of military life for families. We connect Veterans to advocates and assets in the region to provide the most comprehensive system of support to develop and launch a business.

Our niche is specialized: it is a Veteran-owned business hub helping military families put their business ideas into action. That is why Action Zone.


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