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Sponsors & Volunteers

Sponsorships provide support for our Veterans and military families by providing opportunities to:

  • transition from a military mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset

  • develop viable business ideas into a sustainable business

  • create jobs for other Veterans in Veteran-owned businesses

Sponsorships demonstrate a company's or individual's commitment to our Veterans and military families who have sacrificed so much in service to our country.

Sponsor a Veteran

Support a Veteran through a learning program that leads to the successful development of a viable, sustainable business. Your generosity could make the difference for one Veteran or military family seeking financial independence through business development.


Sponsor a Class

Support a class of Veterans, military spouses and dependents through mindset exploration and business development training. Your sponsorship directly contributes to new businesses and new jobs in Tampa and around Florida.


Volunteers are the sustaining force in any non-profit organization. Action Zone volunteers serve in many capacities:

  • Subject matter experts, business advisors and mentors who guide and support aspiring Vetpreneurs with successful business development advice.

  • Workshop presenters delivering practical business skills for the day-to-day management of a business.

  • Guest speakers and program support in the classroom.

  • Administrative assistance helping Action Zone continue its mission to serve Veterans and military families working to build a business of their own.

Sponsor An Event

Become the named sponsor for networking socials to special engagement presentations to hot-topic workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Mentors & SMEs

Subject matter experts (SMEs) provide workshops teaching practical business skills all business owners need to run a business. Mentors work one-on-one with a Vetpreneur or military spouse or dependent to ensure they receive appropriate guidance during the development and execution of their business. 

Audience and Lecturer

Speakers & Facilitators

Speakers and facilitators serve as classroom resources during specific course instruction periods. Speakers are invited to share their expertise and experience on relevant and applicable topics in conjunction with the curriculum. Facilitators may lead or assist in teaching courses or programs offered as stand-alone workshops or on-going classroom learning.

Lecture on Religion
Key Speaker

Support Action Zone

As the only Veteran-exclusive entrepreneur support organization in Tampa Bay, also serving the entire surrounding region, Action Zone welcomes  community partners seeking to demonstrate support for our Veterans and military families through support of the services we offer. Organizations and individuals provide financial sponsorship for operational and program development, as well as volunteer efforts to support program activities.


Become an Action Zone Ambassador to share our mission and help us find each Veteran, military spouse and dependent that is seeking assistance to build their business.

Tell us how you would like to support our mission. We are eager to hear your ideas.

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