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Collaborate, Cowork and Check Us Out

Action Zone is recruiting for the Jan 2019 class of Veterans interested in starting their own business and participating in the Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program. Rising Tide Innovation Center (RTIC) provides free co-working for Veterans on Military Mondays and hosts workshops plus much more!

Join us Monday, November 12, from 5:30 pm- 7:30 pm, at Rising Tide Innovation Center in St Petersburg to discover the exquisite co-working space that is available to Veterans every Monday. Attorneys Leigh Fletcher and Tina Fischer established Rising Tide Innovation Center to meet the needs of the small business owners, entrepreneurs, Veterans, solo professionals, and STEM start-ups for a professional collaborative workspace in St Petersburg.

This is more than a co-working space. Fletcher and Fischer encourage members to share their knowledge and talents with each other, hosting lunch-and-learns, networking socials, and workshops to help everyone succeed. The atmosphere is collaborative, not competitive, with a professional polish business owners can be proud to call their work home.

Action Zone planned for expansion in St Petersburg, and we are thrilled to create a collaboration that brings the programs, workshops and business support to Veterans in the St. Petersburg area.

Our first event at RTIC is both an open house and a recruiting event.

Come to see the co-working space and, for Veterans, register for your Military Monday use of the co-working space.

Speak to Action Zone staff about the Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program beginning January 2019. Action Zone is the Tampa Bay regional network partner delivering this dynamic 13-week program. Veterans will discover their entrepreneurial mindset, validate their business idea, create their business model and receive guidance and advice from mentors and subject matter experts throughout the process. Class size is limited and registration is required. You will learn all the details at Monday's event.

Action Zone provides other programs for Veterans and the entire military community including active-duty, Reservists, Guard, retirees, military spouses and military dependents of any age.

For more information on Rising Tide Innovation Center, please contact Community Operations Manager Shannon Tichy at

For more information about Action Zone, the Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program, or other programs available at Action Zone, contact Rosie Lee, Executive Director, at


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